Mercedes Diaz

Mercedes Diaz was born in Cuba to entrepreneurial parents who instilled a strong sense of family, loyalty and service. At the height of the Cuban revolution in the early 60s, she and many in her family found themselves exiled from their country. Though she faced many challenges, she never lost her values in the process.

Ultimately, she relocated to California where she raised a family on her own. She also continued to serve her local community as a social worker for over 25-years. Then, as luck would have it, she learned about an opportunity to support the underserved developmentally disabled population, and a new family tradition of service to others was born.

The first Mercedes Diaz home was founded in 1983 in Whittier, CA. In these early days, Mercedes’ children helped out by mowing lawns and cooking meals to keep her first Assisted Residential Facility in tiptop shape. Over time her facilities developed a reputation for exceptional service with a warm familial atmosphere. As the word spread, the business grew into the Mercedes Diaz Homes company, now known as MDH Network.

Almost 40 years later, her kids now helm the MDH Network, which is considered a respected leader in the industry. With over 30 residential facilities, and numerous supportive, non-residential programs, we strive to help our developmentally disabled individuals live their best lives.

We look forward to bringing you into our family.